BH5 – More Additions!

In our ongoing conquest to make Beathau5 all that it can possibly be, we have added three new wonderful features to the site.

Album Club
As you may have seen on the homepage, we now have an Album Club feature in which users can submit albums to be featured on the site for 1 week. These picks will be put on Neutral Leech. During the week that the album is featured, there will be a discussion thread in our new Album Club sub-forum. Feel free to make your own pick by reading the rules in this thread. Be warned that there may be a queue and so try and get your picks in as soon as you can!

IRC Bonus
Yet another way for all you folks to earn bonus points! We have added IRC idling to the list! You can now earn up to 0.5 points per hour just by idling in our main IRC channel, #beathau5! Read more about this addition in the Bonus Rules.

The Bonus Store
Finally, after several weeks of coding, our Bonus Store is up and running! There are a few items in the store that you can purchase now, including: custom titles, upload credit, and Hit and Run removal. Several more items will be added to the store over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for updates!

We at BeatHau5 hope you all enjoy these new introductions to the site. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way very soon.

Remember to seed what you take!

SuperTorrents aka StellarWinds

ST members,

First off, the staff here at StellarWinds (formerly known as SuperTorrents [ST]) would like to welcome you all to our awesome new site!

Here is some brief information on everything that has been going on these past few days:

The owner of the site wishes to see the community live on but no longer wants it to be tied to his online and subsequently his real life identity, any longer. Unfortunately, in order to accomplish this, the site must change its image and move away from the ST moniker. This was not a decision made in haste and in fact has been an ongoing discussion for many months now. The recent downtime is simply the result of an ongoing monetary issue with our host that provided us the opportunity for ownership of the site to change hands. The decision was made to take advantage of the unavoidable downtime, to complete the transition from SuperTorrents to StellarWinds.

Everything about that you have come to expect over the years will continue to stay the same. Our commitments to speed, reliability and perhaps most importantly, community, will continue to drive our passion for managing and developing the site for our awesome members. The only parts that will change are the domain, the name and the general theme of the site.


SuperTorrents (ST) has been re-branded as StellarWinds (SW)

Supertorrents users can now log in using their account info

Login Link:

Join the new IRC Channel #SW @

Bitgamer – News

We have some fantastic news to share with everyone. An archive has now been added to the site that lists all of the torrents that were originally uploaded to (a link can be found on the navigation).

This will allow you to search the old torrent database and export any description you want in order to add to your torrent when uploading to our tracker.

Favourite bbcodes that were used on original descriptions have now been added to bitGAMER, they include:

– Backcolor (Change the background of the torrent description to make it more unique)

– Thumb (Allows you to make am image small or larger by clicking it)

– Collapse (Allows you to hide or show information by clicking it)

We are currently still uploading a lot of images to the archive, so if some do not show for you on a specific torrent please check back later.

More features are coming soon! wink.png

bitGAMER Archive


BTN – Staff Picks

Staff Picks





This month we are featuring Staff Picks. If you feel like you have seen everything and need some suggestions on what to watch, check these series out! They were carefully and lovingly handpicked by our crew. Oh and as an added incentive, all of these will be 2x upload! So download, enjoy and seed to your hearts content.






The absolute authority on wildlife documentaries, Sir David Attenborough, showcases the continent with the most interesting wildlife; Africa.
This series is a top-drawer look at the stunning beauty of the natural surrounds and animal that inhabit this great land.
Taking over four years to complete using some of the finest equipment to capture nature, ‘Africa’ will blow your mind and leave you wanting more.
Learning can be fun!1080p for this or gtfo.






I’m a Sci-Fi fan, and find this survivalist against alien invasion drama to have an engaging and realistic storyline backed up with good special effects.
I cant wait to see where season 3 will take us!










For those of you who have not seen this show, yet–where have you been? It’s like a Shakespearean drama (but cool) set in the present day.
Don’t let the “biker club” theme turn you off. This has everything: love, loss, betrayal, family, greed, murder, power struggles and plenty of twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. One of my favorite shows of all time.

SuperTorrents has Shut Down

An Official Message from the Staff @ ST

As some of you may already know or have discovered Supertorrents is currently down. After some long negotiation and talks, the owner of ST has decided to part ways from the tracker community altogether. Out of respect for him as the owner of this site, we have decided we will not continue on as Supertorrents; rather develop a new name, theme, etc. All user accounts will remain, along with the contents of the site including: torrents, forum posts, user stats, etc.

This is NOT to be considered a hostile take over of any kind, rather a mutual decision among parties to respectful part ways and hence forth re-brand what was once ST as something new. We will remain a general tracker and all information that existed on ST upon its downtime will exist again once re-opened as its new and improved site.

We do not currently have an ETA as to it’s re-opening. However we will do our best to keep you informed as much as possible. Expect at least a few weeks of downtime as this was rather unexpected.

We hope all of the current and future users of what is now formerly known as Supertorrents will be patient and continue with us as we begin a new journey!

Thanks so much for all you have done and continue to do,
ST Staff

Join the SuperTorrents IRC Channel #supertorrents @

PtN – New Competition

Here at PtN we sadly have a lot of dead torrents that we would love to resurrect So to fix this we are going to need your help, for each torrent you bring back to life you will receive the following gold for doing this

OST – MP4 -> 250 gold.png
DVDRip – BDRip – BRRip -> 500 gold.png
DVDR -> 750 gold.png
720p -> 1500 gold.png
1080p -> 2500 gold.png

Please refer to here for more information -> Torrent Resurrection Competition

Also we will be running a snatching competition which will be in 2 parts, you will receive gold for downloading a newly resurrected torrent and also for a normal torrent which was not a resurrected one

– The resurrection snatch will last indefinate till staff say otherwise
– The normal snatch will last for 1 month but maybe extended we will see smile1.gif

Gold for the torrents that are resurrected in the other competition:

OST – MP4 -> 100 gold.png
DVDRip – BDRip – BRRip -> 200 gold.png
DVDR -> 400 gold.png
720p -> 700 gold.png
1080p -> 1500 gold.png

Gold for normal torrents:

OST – MP4 -> 50 gold.png
DVDRip – BDRip – BRRip -> 100 gold.png
DVDR -> 250 gold.png
720p -> 500 gold.png
1080p -> 700 gold.png

The most active leecher, at the end of every month, receives Corsair status for one month and one invite

Please refer to here for more information -> Torrent Snatching Competition

If you need to discuss anything about the competitions please post here -> Resurrection & Snatching Discussions

Good luck to everyone taking part love.gif

Xtreme-Torrent – the

Hello you may be know me, Lindw0rm founder and former director of Xtreme-Torrent.

With some former members of the staff we decided to create a new site based on the same values
solidarity and sharing and hope to find the same friendly atmosphere. The tracker is intended general
and so you will find all kinds of files such as DVD, HD Movies, Games, E-book, etc …

After closing Xtrem-Torrent you have been a refuge to many different sites, I
therefore gives go

we give to all appointments, and restart all the
new adventure.

Join the site address …….:

Twitter Address ……………………………….: (ThinkGeekNet) sur Twitter

OpenCD – News

To celebrate our excellent CD ripper hsc’s birthday, the torrents he uploaded will be free for 3 days. In the meantime, please be sure to follow our share rules, or you will get banned. Please pay attention: all the torrents hsc uploaded are OpenCD only, please do not share elsewhere, thanks!
hsc’s uploads: hsc’s uploads

PTN – Invites

About invites

We decided to give out 2 invites to all user classes. Now there is a catch though, if we find a lot of bad users getting invited, we reserve the right to take away all invites, so please be careful who you invite. Try to invite people you know and trust, or you run the risk of losing your invite privileges forever. We want new members, but not at the cost of security.

Probable this will be the last time we give out invites to all members for some time. All invites, except for some classes, will be available till Tuesday.

From that point forward the only ways to have invites are:
* buy from gold shop
* donate
* internal invite application
* recruitment sections on other sites

BCG – Not Closing

Not Closing!!

There have been some rumours on the net suggesting we have got a Cease and Desist letter and we are about to close, and if asked we would deny it, so this news post may not mean anything as I am denying it

It is simply not true, I actually believe the deadline they said may have already past, but the thread in question has been deleted now. The only takedown notices that I am aware of, when we were in Hong Kong, they were from Take 2 interactive for the XBOX/PS2 versions of GTA San Andreas. The host asked me if I would take them down, I said No, they said fine we will delete the emails, (cant believe that would have been 2004/5, time flies), Other than those 2 at the same time, we have had nothing about any game.

Obviously things may change in the future, I am not going to be all blasé about it, and say they will never get us, we just never know what is around the corner, but there is no immediate plans to shut down (there is no future plans to shut down either).

Freeleech is on only because the SP system is down, if we had no freeleech then most members would be in Kitty Litter class by now, which would not be fare at all, and it would also mean none of them could download, I have heard people say they must be closing, because of the freeleech, that is just rubbish, we had to do it with the way we work and the hit and run script we have in place. It is also there so you can download what you want but then that is the fundamental point of freeleech anyway.

SP system, altinertia coded this from the start, its his baby so to speak, he has looked at it and said its a database problem, I spent 2 weeks tweaking the database but altinertia has not been seen nore heard of since, now I am not going to go all nuclear on him, as we all know real life can get in the way of the best laid plans, but we are going to have to do something, we cannot just sit here twiddling our thumbs as for me, Freeleech has already been on far too long. I believe we are going to turn the SP back on soon, but it will just be to test it, IE Freeleech will still be on, at least then we can get working on it if it is still broken.

anyway thats the latest, take it or leave it, its entirely up to you, but the only way we will go down is if we get hacked/DDossed, which is not beyond the realms of possibilty, but hopefully, unlikely.