ThePirateSociety – how to join ?

So you’re interested in getting invites to other trackers, but find it difficult. You consider joining an “invite forum,” but there’s something not right about those places. You don’t like that to get invites you are expected to offer them, and find people are offering invites to places that don’t want that thing done in public. Even worse, the rules of the “invite forum” ask you to make sure your invite forum nickname is different from your usual tracker nickname and when you are asked to post “ratio proofs” you are asked to black out your statistics and user name. When you ask why, the response is trackers don’t like “invite forums” and look down on anyone who is a member of one so you are asked to hide your identity from them.

So you want to do it the right way. Trackers say invites are for your friends who you know and trust. But in the big torrent world out there, you’re having trouble finding friends to trust you enough to offer you an invite to the places you want to go to. So is there a place out there where you can meet other torrenters and not have to fear your presence there will upset your trackers’ staff? Why yes there is. For those who are not familiar with us, we are:

What are we? We are one of the oldest and most respected of the BitTorrent communities and forums. TPS is not really an “invite forum” in the true sense of the world, but a place for torrenters to gather, meet, and get to know one another. We respect tracker rules, and we have nothing to hide from tracker staff. In fact, many tracker staff are members of TPS themselves.

We’re a busy place – almost 11K members and over 600K posts. Although I’ve heard the talk that BT forums are full of useless talk, we actually have good conversations within our forums. Plus we are big enough that you will find others who share your interests. We use the new developer-friendly Xenforo platform and have been making major improvements to the place.

But what about getting invites, you say? At TPS we say be active there, participate, and get to know people and you will not have to worry about getting invites to trackers. I can say that from my own personal experience. I’ve gotten into trackers I thought I’d never get into, thanks to TPS.

So how to join us? Go to and look for the link to our external application. Fill it out and the staff will review your application. It is not difficult to get into TPS because we are “n00b” friendly. (But we also cater to experienced torrenters as well.)

Also come to , port 7001 , #applicants if you want to discuss your application or ask questions about us. Also check out the Public Blog on our main page to get a better idea of who we are. Hope to see you there.

TPS admin

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