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BitLeechers activity requirement set into motion


Today you are recieving this email for a very good reason. As a member of a torrent site you should be active. Not active as in just signing into your accounts every couple of days, but to be active in downloading. The community wont grow unless you become active in downloading torrents, making forum posts, adding comments on torrent pages, adding a shout in the shoutbox and listening to the radio or radio with a dj. In all of these areas you can earn bonus points to help you. As a new tracker it isnt easy and with members just signing up to just log in and not become more active isn’t a good way to help a new site grow. Your bonus points can be traded in for upload total to boost your overall Ratio’s providing what you download you cant seed back to 1 to 1. This forces you to seed each torrent you download back for 48 hours helping you to achieve the hours in bonus points.

So, as of today this is to let all the members know what we are doing. This will effect ALL; new members as old members who have not yet downloaded their first torrent. If you have been a member 6 weeks or longer and have not yet downloaded anything your account(s) will be disabled upon this 72 hour notice to you. Any member who has donated can disregard this notice as YOU already support Bitleechers. Any of you that have already downloaded your first torrent and have seeded it to Site Rules can also disregard this notice.

So as a new member and you fall into this category you are in jeopardy of losing your account here at Bitleechers. You will have no body but yourself to blame for this. If your account is disabled and we see you have signed back up with a new name or email and your IP’s match as a duplicate account then you will be banned!

Torrent Sites are about sharing back to the community and if you can’t atleast download a few torrents here and seed them then no sense you staying with us because we don’t want you here to take up room. We offer you the fastest content with fast Pre times announcing. We are in the top 5 announcing torrents and most of the time top 3. If you think other sites are faster then us then stay there, but I guarantee they aren’t.  

Now with that all said I will list the different ways below how to gain Bonus’s to help boost your Ratios.

Bonus System:

Any torrent you download over 100 MB You will recieve 0.5 Bonus points per hour per torrent.
Any torrent you download under 100 MB You will recieve 0.2 Bonus points per hour per torrent.
You will receive 1 point for each comment you make on a torrent.
You will receive 1 point for each post you make in the forum.
You will receive 0.1 points for each shout you make in the shoutbox.
You will receive 1 point for every hour you spend listening to our shoutcast radio stream.
You will receive 1 point per hour for Idling in irc or Live Chat.”

This email was sent to all members, regardless of activity, as they are trying to push their way to the top.

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