BCG – Not Closing

Not Closing!!

There have been some rumours on the net suggesting we have got a Cease and Desist letter and we are about to close, and if asked we would deny it, so this news post may not mean anything as I am denying it

It is simply not true, I actually believe the deadline they said may have already past, but the thread in question has been deleted now. The only takedown notices that I am aware of, when we were in Hong Kong, they were from Take 2 interactive for the XBOX/PS2 versions of GTA San Andreas. The host asked me if I would take them down, I said No, they said fine we will delete the emails, (cant believe that would have been 2004/5, time flies), Other than those 2 at the same time, we have had nothing about any game.

Obviously things may change in the future, I am not going to be all blasé about it, and say they will never get us, we just never know what is around the corner, but there is no immediate plans to shut down (there is no future plans to shut down either).

Freeleech is on only because the SP system is down, if we had no freeleech then most members would be in Kitty Litter class by now, which would not be fare at all, and it would also mean none of them could download, I have heard people say they must be closing, because of the freeleech, that is just rubbish, we had to do it with the way we work and the hit and run script we have in place. It is also there so you can download what you want but then that is the fundamental point of freeleech anyway.

SP system, altinertia coded this from the start, its his baby so to speak, he has looked at it and said its a database problem, I spent 2 weeks tweaking the database but altinertia has not been seen nore heard of since, now I am not going to go all nuclear on him, as we all know real life can get in the way of the best laid plans, but we are going to have to do something, we cannot just sit here twiddling our thumbs as for me, Freeleech has already been on far too long. I believe we are going to turn the SP back on soon, but it will just be to test it, IE Freeleech will still be on, at least then we can get working on it if it is still broken.

anyway thats the latest, take it or leave it, its entirely up to you, but the only way we will go down is if we get hacked/DDossed, which is not beyond the realms of possibilty, but hopefully, unlikely.

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