BH5 – More Additions!

In our ongoing conquest to make Beathau5 all that it can possibly be, we have added three new wonderful features to the site.

Album Club
As you may have seen on the homepage, we now have an Album Club feature in which users can submit albums to be featured on the site for 1 week. These picks will be put on Neutral Leech. During the week that the album is featured, there will be a discussion thread in our new Album Club sub-forum. Feel free to make your own pick by reading the rules in this thread. Be warned that there may be a queue and so try and get your picks in as soon as you can!

IRC Bonus
Yet another way for all you folks to earn bonus points! We have added IRC idling to the list! You can now earn up to 0.5 points per hour just by idling in our main IRC channel, #beathau5! Read more about this addition in the Bonus Rules.

The Bonus Store
Finally, after several weeks of coding, our Bonus Store is up and running! There are a few items in the store that you can purchase now, including: custom titles, upload credit, and Hit and Run removal. Several more items will be added to the store over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for updates!

We at BeatHau5 hope you all enjoy these new introductions to the site. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way very soon.

Remember to seed what you take!

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